Back-To-School Tips That Every Parent Must Read

Going back to school can be stressful for everyone involved – the parents, the kids, as well as the teachers. There are instances when parents would have to force their kids out of the comforts of their homes to school. And at times, this does not end well.


If your kid still has a vacation hangover that they need to get over with, here are some must-read back-to-schools tips from the best British schools in Dubai for parents can use to get their kids interested in school again:


  • Give your preschoolers some hints


Your kid is probably still on vacation bubble, reminiscing the fun they had last vacation. In this state, school is far from their minds. It would be best if you can give them some hints two weeks before the school starts. Constantly remind them casually that school is about to start, may it be a joke or as a reminder. It may not sit well with your kids at first, but this would help them to get back into reality.


  • Excite them with new school gears


Shopping excites everyone, even preschoolers. Weeks before the school starts, take them shopping for new school items and gears. But do not spoil them too much. Be sure to buy only the necessary items needed for school. If you want to splurge for your kid, put a cap or limit to it. When you do this often, kids will always expect something in return for good behavior.


  • Tell them about up and coming activities


Before the school starts, schedule a short visit to the school and ask for a copy of upcoming school activities. You need to know what sort of activities the school is planning so you can share this with your kid. Knowing what exciting activities they can take advantage of would surely make them more excited to go back to school.


  • Make school sounds fun and exciting


It is imperative for parents to ensure that their kids are continually excited about school. You can make this happen by speaking positively about the institution and the benefits of doing well. Every private school in Dubai has their selling point. Be sure to highlight this to your kid every chance you have. But do not make it too obvious or hard-sell. You may also want to ask your kid’s opinion about his/her school to know what their pain points are and what part of going back to school excites them.