Different Types Of Scaffolding For Construction

Scaffolding is an integral component of any construction work. It has always been used in the construction industry to provide support for reaching high areas. Today, scaffolding is still a staple item in construction projects. The only difference is, the materials used for scaffolding have evolved and different types have been manufactured to serve different purposes.

Here are some of the types of scaffolding being used today based on their make and use:

  • Wooden scaffolding


This may seem old school, but this type of scaffolding is still being used today. Despite the safety concerns, wooden scaffolding is a favorable choice for some construction firms since it is eco-friendly and economical. But most likely, it is used for small construction projects that will not require heavy loading.


  • Clamp scaffolding


Clamp scaffolding is one of the most traditional and probably the most used type of scaffolding in the business. This type of scaffolding consists of two parts: the tube and the clips, which are sometimes called “couples”. One of the advantages of clamp scaffolding is that is it quite easy to erect and install.  You just need to connect the tubes together and use a clamp to hold the tubes.


  • Mobile scaffolding


A mobile tower scaffold is definitely one of the modern types of scaffolding being used today in construction projects. This type of scaffolding is usually used to transfer construction materials from one location to another. However, this scaffolding is designed for lower level work since the maximum installation height for this type is 4m high. But the good thing about this mobile scaffolding is it is lightweight and also quite easy to install and disassemble.


  • System scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is considered as one of the most reliable scaffolding systems used across the globe and provided by reputable scaffolding manufacturer in UAE. The pre-engineered component of the system is connected and secured by a lock system in a systematic fashion. System scaffolding is highly preferred in bigger construction projects and highly loaded conditions.

  • Frame scaffolding


Also known as brace scaffolding, frame scaffolds are commonly used in residential and commercial applications. Lightweight and easy to install, frame scaffolding is usually used in small-scale projects since it can be erected and dismantled quickly. The downside is, this type of scaffold is not as strong as the system scaffolding.


  • Suspended scaffolding


Suspended scaffolding consists of platforms supported by a cable system used for projects that need light duty access. Apart from construction work, it is commonly used in other industries like cleaning and building maintenance.