Should I hire a nanny or a babysitter?

If you have children and no close family members living nearby you, and wish to go out for an evening with your significant other what would you do? The best solution to this issue would be taking on the services of a babysitter. In most cases, this would be someone who was referred to you by a close friend or family member or a teenager that lives down the road and wishes to make a bit of money by babysitting peoples children. The babysitter that you hire would be responsible for taking care of your children, making sure that they eat on time and go to sleep on time. On the whole, a babysitter will be there to look after your children only for a few hours.

On the other hand, if you are a salaried individual and have to go to work on a daily basis, but do not wish for your child to be sent to a day care centre, what would you do? It would be necessary for you to take on the services of a nanny in Dubai in this case. Although the services provided by both babysitters and nannies are the same, nannies tend to offer a lot more to you your children and your family at large.

Babysitters typically tend to charge by the hour and it will be necessary for you to pay her as soon as you reach home in the evening. On the other hand, if you hire a nanny, you will have to pay her a flat fee on a weekly or bi weekly basis. To make things clear, the services provided by nannies and those offering homeĀ  care in Dubai tend to be a full time job, while babysitting tends to be a mere means of making a bit of extra money over the weekend. When you hire a nanny, the one thing that you can be assured of is that your children will not only be looked after, but their meals will be prepared, they will be cleaned up after eating and every other need of theirs will be fulfilled no matter how big or small. Apart from that, she will also help your children with their homework and take them to any extra classes of sports that they might be registered for. Simply out of the question when you hired a babysitter as she will only make your child eat, play with him for a while and then put him to sleep. It is for reasons such as these that people generally prefer hiring a nanny.