The best natural remedies for ADHD in children

There is good news for parents who have children suffering from ADHD. The good news is that this condition in kids can easily be treated with the help of natural treatments. The best part about these treatments is that these are 100% natural, which means that they will not trigger any side-effects or lead to any addictions. Unlike psychiatric drugs that are available these days, these offer a more holistic approach to the treatment of ADHD. Most importantly, not only does it relieve the symptoms of ADHD, it also helps do away with the underlying cause of the treatment. Given below is information about the natural herbs that can be used for this purpose:



This is one of the drugs that have long been used as an ADHD treatment Dubai for children. On the whole, this particular herb is known to calm down over excitability in children. How is that so? Well, it is known to contain certain bioactive hyoscyaine compounds that balance out the release of acetylcholine inside the brain. This particular herb is also known to play a significant role in helping enhance cognitive performance while also aiding memory retention.


St. John’s Wort

This herb is known to contain certain elements that make it one of the best natural treatments for those suffering from ADHD. It contains bioactive compounds that are known to enhance the overall regulation of neurotransmitters. This is what helps the herb normalize brain function and aids stability. The addition of this herb in the diets of children suffering from ADHD can help a great deal in enhancing their mental abilities.


Passion Flower

This herb contains a very powerful bioactive compound known as Chrysin. It is believed that this compound triggers a rather therapeutic effect on the overall nervous system. In order to hep sooth emotional outbursts that children suffering from ADHD at times have, it further remediates any imbalances that might occur in the nervous system. If your child has a disruptive behavior in general, then make sure that you use this herb to promote mental and emotional well-being in him. However, make sure that you get in touch with a child neurologist in Sharjah or child psychologist before doing so.


If truth be told, all of the herbal remedies mentioned above are the best treatment for children suffering from ADHD. The best part is that these are not addictive and will not trigger any negative side-effects.