Different categories of UAE visas

Due to the frequent travelling to UAE from outside world, they have now introduced new kind of visas which are pre-arranged and all the prices are fixed. You do not have to go to different travel agents to get to know about their prices, you just have to visit UAE’s airlines and you will get the quoted price for every type of visa. Here are some of the examples for you to get some knowledge about it:

Shorter term: In this category there are two types of visas that include one visit visa for about 48 hour or about 2 days and second will be about 96 hours or about 4 days. You can get this for a quick trip when you have to finalize any important deal there. Prices of both of these are a bit different. First one can be get at 10$ and for second one you have to pay 30$ and both of these are non-extendable which means you have to come back to your country after expiration of this time limit. If you want to stay there then you need to come back get visa again and then go there again. 

Short term single entry: In this visa type you can go to UAE for 30 days but with single entry limitation which means that if you enter once then you have to stay there for how long you want but once you leave UAE you cannot go back again with the same visit visa. Price of this category is 90$ and it can be extended with the additional amount of 230$.

Short term multiple: In this visa you can go there and you can leave any time within 30 days’ time period and then go back to UAE again without getting visa again. Price is 175$ and it is also extendable for 230$.

Long term: It also includes single and multiple entry categories. You can get 90 days visit visa for UAE price $190 for single entry restriction. If you want to get multiple entries then you have to pay $460 and both of these are also extendable for the same amount of 230$. You can also get 14 Days UAE visa if you want to go there for a moderate period of time and its price vary slightly as compared to others categories.